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Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Benefits 

There are many benefits to receive through regular carpet cleaning. Here is just a few of our favorites... 

Extend the life of your Carpets: 

Over time, dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris accumulate in the carpet, embedding into the fibers which can will cause the fibers to deteriorate. Having your carpets professionally cleaned regularly will eliminate this built up and improve the longevity of the carpet.

Odor Elimination: 

Odors build up in your carpet and upholstery from every day living. From cooking to pet, to those living in the house, each add to odors over time. Which is why we use the most highly recommended odor elimination products to give you the best result.

Allergy Relief: 

From dust and pet dander, to cigarette smoke, pollen and mold, allergens love to live in your carpet and upholstery. By having your carpets professionally cleaned mold, pet dander, dust mites and pollen particles are successfully removed from carpets.

Removal of Tough Stains: 

Having your carpets cleaned professionally will remove those tough stains that standard home cleaning products can't remove. Stains like those from coffee spills, pet accidents, muddy feet, and even ink or wine. We believe you should never have to worry about looking at the ugly spots or be embarrassed in front of guests.

No Residue: 

Your vacuum doesn't leave a residue, but some carpet cleaning machines do, especially if the equipment or products are old or cheap. 

Professional carpet cleaning methods like the ones we use restore carpeting to a like-new condition by using the hot water extraction technique to achieve the best results, leaving the fibers free of all dirt and stains.

Reduce Traffic Lanes: 

Those areas within your home or business that receive a lot of foot traffic will deteriorate much more quickly. This is because of the amount of dirt that is deposited in these areas. 

Having your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis will remove this dirt and slow down those "traffic lane" effects that carpets get over time.  

Enhance the Appearance of the Room: 

Your carpet is a big fixture within the room, and the one that receives the most use. Professional carpet cleaning will slow the effects of constant use, and maintain a fresh appearance much longer than carpets that do not receive regular care. 

Ready to give your carpets the love they deserve?