Joe Eberhard, Legacy Carpet Service

I love seeing the results of my hard work, every day.

My first job in carpet cleaning was supposed to be temporary. The job that paid the bills, until I found my “real” career job. I never imagined I would end up enjoying the work and purchasing my own company.

Like many I joined the corporate work force after college. I was a sales rep for security systems and custom cabinetry. It didn’t take long for me to realize I didn’t enjoy this work. I didn’t feel like I was making a difference in the lives of my customers and that is something that is really important to me.

Cleaning carpets gives me the satisfaction I was looking for.

  • Meeting new people all the time, and forming relationships, even friendships with customers.
  • I enjoy catching up with repeat customers and discovering what’s new in their lives. 
  • I feel accomplished every day cleaning carpets, tackling tough stains, and finishing the job in the same day.
  • It keeps me physically active and moving.

Loving the work that I do and wanting more I knew I wanted to have my own company. 

That is when my soon to be father-in-law told me Legacy Carpet Service may be available for purchase. He personally vouched for the owners Gary and Serena Anderson and the great business they had built.

Upon meeting Gary and Serena I felt an immediate connection. We have a lot in common, and spoke at length about life, business, and our Christian faith.

Eventually the time was right for me to purchase Legacy Carpet Service, and I am so grateful for the tradition of excellence that it has been built upon. I look forward to carrying on this tradition.

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