Our Process

Your Go-to Trusted Carpet Cleaner for Rural South Dakota and Iowa

Legacy Carpet Cleaning


Upon arrival we will park the van close to the best entry point to your home/business, door or window. We will identify a water source to connect to, which is most commonly an outdoor water spigot.

Legacy Carpet Cleaning


We will walk through your space with you to identify areas to be cleaned, stains, and concerns. To keep air circulating and help the carpet dry quicker and will turn on the thermostat fan.  And to make sure we are not blocking anyone in, we will show you where we have parked and move my van if needed. 

Legacy Carpet Cleaning

Pre Clean Prep

We will vacuum all areas to be cleaned,  and pretreat tough stains or problem spots. Next we will apply Pre spray (cleaning agent) to the first area we will be cleaning. 

Legacy Carpet Cleaning


We start by pulling the vacuum and solution hose to the furthest point we will be cleaning. This eliminates traffic over the newly cleaned floor providing you with better results. We start up my machine and begin the cleaning process. 

Legacy Carpet Cleaning

The Finishing Touches

Once we have finished cleaning a space, we will strategically set up fans, turn on ceiling fans to help with the carpet drying process and will groom the carpet with a rake to set the nap (for visual appearance and durability of carpet), going space by space until we have finished with the job.